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Mining Industry

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Product requirements and characteristics:

1. There are usually quarries, iron ore, copper, coal fields etc. in mine industry, mainly diesel portable air compressor are used for drilling and blasting.

2. Working conditions: generally remote mountainous areas with high dusty and poor fuel quality. Cold weather in the north is longer, some of high altitude, common diesel engines are difficult to adapt.

3. Air compressor used for smaller holes directional blasting usually with the discharge pressure of 10kg/cm2-14kg/cm2, displacement 21m3/min, this model is one machine with multi-drills, aperture diameter between 50-80mm. For large holes of mountain explosion, then the air compressor used will be of 24kg/cm2, 30m3/min, driving two sets of hydraulic drills of 115 -120mm, which can work with 1,000 meters of shale and 300 meters of limestone.


1. As mining demands diesel air compressor to meet high temperature, high cold, high altitude, high dust and other harsh environmental requirements, we use VOLVO heavy-duty industrial engines imported from Sweden. High performance of VOLVO engine can solve all the harsh requirements.

2. VOLVO is known as the world’s most advantageous engines in the cold, high cold, high altitude, high dust and other harsh environments, which can be used in the temperature of -40℃~50 ℃, and with altitude of 4500KM.

3. For high temperatures and high dust, we equipped with a special heat exchanger and high efficiency two-stage cyclone air filter system.

4. For engine fuel system, we designed four stages filters to effectively prevent the engine damage from water, sulfur and other impurities.

5. The moving, trailing system apply dual-axis sulfur structure to ensure moving smoothly all the time even in the rough mountain road.

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