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        Suzhou Ai Jing Bo mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. Main business sales piston air compressors, screw air compressors, portable air compressors, oil-free air compressors, permanent magnet variable speed air compressors, low pressure air compressors, Middle/High pressure compressors, two-stage compression air compressors, air dryers and precision filters, etc. Tewatt High Pressure Diesel Portable Air Compressor, Tewatt Medium-high Pressure Diesel Portable Air Compressor,AIRpipe AII Piping System Performance.

        The air compressor industry leads the domestic and foreign advanced technology, is a specialized in the research and production of screw type air compressor, belt type air compressor, straight line air compressor and related products enterprises.Good quality and performance in the market, by the majority of users.It has the advantages of heavy load, low rotating speed, low noise, long life and beautiful appearance.

        Laser cutting machine is a metal processing industry, the common mechanical processing equipment, when many people buy laser cutting machine, don't know the operation of the laser cutting machine in fact need to rely on many auxiliary equipment to complete the processing, the air compressor is one of the auxiliary equipment, with many enterprises not deep understanding of the role of air compressor, not paying attention, tend to laser cutting machine for cutting out has great effect on the quality of the products.So how important is an air compressor to a laser cutter?How is it maintained?

1.Air compressor plays an important role in laser cutting machine

     Laser cutting machine at the time of processing, must want to use the protective gas, air, of course, is simple and economic protective gas, and the effect of air compressor is part of the compressed air with high purity oxygen and high purity of danqi cutting gas for cutting head, the part as power source supplied to cylinder clamping workbench, after blowing dust removing part of the system is used to light the road, from the air out of the compressed air after gas-holder and dryer after entering pneumatic tank, then through a set of sophisticated processing system, into a clean, dry gas, eventually into three road,As the cutting gas, the cylinder power gas source and the optically positive pressure dusting gas to maintain the normal operation of the laser cutting machine, so the air compressor is essential for every laser cutting equipment, and is also very important for the laser cutting machine.

Maintenance of air compressor in laser cutting machine

2.Air compressor is a part of laser cutting machine system.The following is the maintenance and maintenance of its main components.

• air filter element.Dust and impurities should be removed from the surface of air filter element every 500 hours, and should be replaced every 2,000 hours.Inspection or replacement cycle can be lengthened or shortened according to dust content.

• air inlet valve seal.The air compressor of the laser cutter should be checked for 4000 hours and replaced if necessary.

• compressor oil.Check to see if there is enough oil per 1000 hours and replace it every 4000 hours.

• oil filters.New pieces should be replaced every 2,000 hours.

• oil steam separator.New pieces need to be replaced every 4000 hours.

• minimum pressure valve.Clean every 4000 hours and check if the opening pressure is normal.

• safety valve.Check for sensitivity every 4000 hours.

• oil drain valve.Water and dirt are discharged every 2,000 hours.

• transmission belt.The tightness should be adjusted every 2000 hours, and the wear should be checked every 4000 hours, and the replacement should be determined according to the wear.

• motor maintenance.Maintain according to the motor instruction.

In order to ensure the normal and reliable operation of the air compressor of the laser cutting machine and the service life of the unit, a detailed maintenance plan should be formulated to carry out regular operation, regular maintenance and regular inspection and maintenance, so as to keep the air compressor unit clean, free of oil and dirt.

3. The maintenance and maintenance of the auxiliary equipment cold-dryer

1. Drain the air and water in the machine 3 to 8 times a day (depending on the humidity) after work;

2. Clean the air filter element once a month;

3. Dust and clean the condenser cooling fin once a month;

4. Replace the air filter element every six months.

4 maintenance and maintenance of stabilized voltage supply

1. After a month of operation of the new stabilized voltage supply, the main power supply shall be re-tightened to all connecting terminals in the stabilizer, especially the main circuit;

2. Check the elasticity of the sliding carbon brush every three months, and use dry compressed air to exhaust the carbon powder and dust adhered to the components of the stabilizer.


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