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Applications in Vacuum

  Applications in Vacuum

AIRpipe specialize in solutions for compressed air and fluids distribution. In addition

to main compressed air applications, it is being more and more used in vacuum

system due to booming market of electronic, pharmaceutical & food industry.

Electronic semi-conductor

Optoelectronic backlight module


New energy


Food & Medical

Above industries are involved with vacuum system. According to the characteristics

of the gas materials, operating pressure & temperature, an appropriate piping system are selected.

Traditional carbon steel pipe thread joint has poor airtightness and easy to corrode.

The cost of stainless steel welded pipe is high and the installation time is consumed.

Aluminum pipe had obvious advantages in cleanliness and installation man-hours.

So it has been increasingly recognized by users in recent years.

The engineer of Energy Facilities Department from a Lighting Technology Company said

“Our workshop is a constant temperature and dust-free packaging workshop.

The vacuum is mainly supply the automatic packaging robots in the production line,

a great concerns about the vacuum pipes is the leakage, and AIRpipe vacuum pipeline

is very well sealed without any leakage, very convenient to assemble and disassemble.

The PD product manager from an electric technology co., Ltd. said

“We installed your company’s aluminum compressed air pipe system before, and we are satisfied

with it’s clean air quality and great sealing effect. So when we are ready to transform the old vacuum

pipeline, AIRpipe is our first choice. The vacuum of our factory is applied to suckers for the adsorption

of electronic products. Our products have a high degree of cleanliness. Therefore, the requirements

for vacuum piping and vacuum pumps are also very high, the cleanliness of pipeline will also help to

extend the service life of vacuum pumps.”

AIRpipe sealing structure is a constant belt contact around the pipe, it’s wider than a normal o-ring,

and together with its superior longevity and durability, the sealing performance for vacuum is highly

secured same as its compressed air. AIRpipe guarantees 1mbar absolute,

equals to 100Pa = 99.9% = 0.76mmHg,

this reaches most of the vacuum applications request.

(test result data is 0.79mbar / 99.92% / 0.6mmHg, better than 1mbar)

Compared with compressed air system, vacuum is more demanding on the sealing performance

and cleanness of the pipe, since a tiny leakage will largely drop down the system vacuum level,

and rusts and dusts in the pipe will create heavy load to vacuum pump downstream, that all

about of waste money, so to install a good quality pipe system is same important as a good pump.

AIRpipe, Advancing Compressed Air System, same on VACUUM.


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