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PM Two Stage Compressed Screw Air Compressor

  • PM Two Stage Compression Screw Air Compressor (15-200KW)
PM Two Stage Compression Screw Air Compressor (15-200KW)

PM Two Stage Compression Screw Air Compressor (15-200KW)

Name: PM Two Stage Compression Screw Air Compressor

Series: Belt/Direct Driven Series

Motor power: 15-200KW

Air delivery: 2.1 -43.0 m³/min

Pressure: 0.70-1.30 Mpa

Normal screw compressor generates 8bar air pressure from 1bar by using single airend. For two stage compression screw compressor, the compression process is divided into two sections, adopt proportional pressure ,so the ratio of each stage compression reduce much, reflux leakage between the rotor is greatly reduced, and the volumetric efficiency and the adiabatic efficiency are greatly improved, so the final generated air capacity is improved accordingly.

The biggest advantage of PM two stage compression screw air compressor is of high energy efficiency, for the same power, the more discharged capacity!

Motor efficiency is higher: 93% ~ 96% compared with the general motor efficiency: 87% ~ 92%.

Combined design is adopted, the motor rotor with permanent magnet is directly installed on the outstretched shaft of airend, the transmission efficiency is 100%, and the energy efficiency is high.

Compared to ordinary motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor load response rapidly, precisely control, fast response, so that the real constant pressure can be achieved easily.

Constant output pressure without externally 2 bar pressure burden, energy saving 14% compared with industrial frequency air compressor.

Low speed, the efficiency of the ordinary motor is very low, while the permanent magnet synchronous motor keep high efficiency at low speed.

UH grade of neodymium iron boron materials, which can run under 180 degrees Celsius, much higher than the operating temperature of the normal motor, the magnetic property will not reduce for a long time.

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